Installation Instructions


You must be in the directory you want to install this in.
Then run the following, and follow the installation instructions :
java -jar karmadbi.jar

*** Install your specific database driver files in <install dir>/karmadbi/lib

Adding/changing driver information: (if necessary)

Use the application itself for this, via the Setting -> DB Driver setup
Note: We have provided links to specific jdbc drivers on the Drivers page.

Installing key:

Open the file (in the <intall dir>/config)
Replace "KEYGOESHERE" with your key on this line:
initParam karmadbi karmadbiKey KEYGOESHERE
Note: See the Key Generation page to generate your own personal License Key for your server.

Running server:

On Windows, as Windows Service:
cd <install dir>/bin

Then, either restart your machine and service will start automatically,
or you can run services.msc from "Run..." window - select KarmaDBi and start it manually
from then on when you restart your machine KarmaDBi will automatically start.

On Windows, as Windows application:
cd <install dir>/bin

On Unix, as Unix application:
cd <install dir>/bin

Using karmadbi:

Access KarmaDBi via (where SERVER is machine you install on):