The KarmaDBi login screen.
There are other screens such as Admin maintenance.
KarmaDBi Login Page
The KarmaDBi SQL screen.
This is where users spend the majority of thier time. The interface allows you to enter sql on the top with the result showing in the bottom.
Features for the SQL include
  • Multiple output formats; HTML, Excel, Word, Simple Text
  • Multiple result sets
  • Retains history of recent sql run
  • Saves common sql statements
  • Named sql drop downs
  • Table, Field, Object searchs
  • Table schema view
KarmaDBi SQL
The KarmaDBi SQL screen.
The Karma SQL screen displays previously run. From this list you can
  • Move the sql to the sql run box
  • Run the sql directly
  • Lock the sql so it is never removed
  • Remove that sql from your history
KarmaDBi SQL History
View the table schema for any tables
You can either enter the table name in the sql area or highlight the table name in a query and hit the schema button.
KarmaDBi Table Schema
Look up all tables that include a given field. Simply highlight the field in the query and select the find dropdown -> field search.
This will list all the tables with the field in it.
KarmaDBi Find a Field
Users can manage their connections in this area. Connections can be updated, added or deleted. KarmaDBi Connection Management

These are some of the features of KarmaDBi there are so many more... Download and try it.