KarmaDBi is a user customizable web based interactive SQL interface. It allows you to manage connections to various databases & switch easily between them. It provides many time-saving features including; listing database objects, finding specific objects, and viewing the schema for database objects. It also enables you to run, re-run and save/recall frequently run queries as well as access a history of your most recently run queries.

KarmaDBi provides both developers and business analysts an easy to use SQL interface to their RDMS data stores and features query retention, connection management and database schema browsing.

KarmaDBi allows users to access multiple database across your network or on your local pc.


  • Web based database interface
  • SQL and query management and retention
  • Supports all JDBC compliant interfaces such as Mysql, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, etc.
  • Platform independent - Runs on Windows; XP & Vista or Linux; Red Hat, Ubuntu, etc.
  • Multiple connection management
  • Database schema browser
  • Field look up
  • Schema display
  • Multiple format output support for HTML, XML, Excel, etc.
  • User level auditing